Seal Coating

Superior Seal Coating for Your Property’s Parking Lot

Worried about the big storm coming? Protect your asphalt with 24/7 emergency seal coat from Geisler’s Seal Coating and Striping

Day in and day out, your asphalt goes largely unnoticed while it takes a beating from the weather and all sorts of vehicles. It’s something you rarely need to think about as time goes on, that is until major damage occurs! As soon as a problem happens, give Geisler’s Seal Coating and Striping a call. After we fix up your surface, let us lay down seal coating to help prevent breakdown and damage to your asphalt.

The advantages of seal coating

Take care of your asphalt now and save money later!

Asphalt seal coating is one of the best maintenance techniques used to extend the life of your parking lot. When your asphalt is finished paving, oxidation almost immediately begins to break it down, turning it from that signature “black top” to ash gray in color. As the color starts to fade, the asphalt is even more prone to cracks and potholes which can be dangerous for vehicles. A superior seal coating, however, helps prevent this damage from oxidation. An application of seal coat every three to five years helps keep the lot looking fresh and makes it even easier to clean and maintain.